Black Dragon 120

State-of-the-art automatic building machine designed for high productivity retreading plants for truck tyres working with hot technology made by:

  • n.1 cold feed extruder with 120 mm diameter, designed to apply tread on the buffed casings with the strip-winding method;
  • n.2 cold feed vertical extruders with 40 mm diameter for the application of the sidewall with the strip winding method;
  • rotating turret with two expandable chucks, so that while on one chuck the tread is being applied, on the other side simultaneously the sidewall can be applied on both sides, allowing a fully automatic bead to bead application.

Machine equipped with chuck unit for tyre sizes 15”-24,5”, with hydraulic opening.

The machine boasts all the features of the Black Dragon 90 but thanks to the bigger extruder and the two sidewall appliers can perform a full automatic bead to bead application in a shorter time, with a floor to floor cycle time of approximately 3 minutes for a 315/80 R 22,5 tyre.

The machine can also be equipped with the new patented Rubber Dust Applier, which will apply automatically the rubber powder above the sidewall strip, thus reducing the cycle time since normally the rubber powder is applied manually after the building process.